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Aircraft Instruments and Accessories / Pressurization Specialist

A Certified Overhaul Facility for Aircraft Instruments

Aircraft Instruments & Accessories
Pressurization Specialist

Brad Ford, President

Ford Instruments and Accessories

Is a leading overhaul facility of aircraft Instruments and accessories. We provide first-class overhaul to private and government aviation customers. The facility, located in Titusville, Florida contains a certified repair facility as well as knowledgeable sales and technical repair staff to ensure you receive quality instrument and accessory repairs that meet your requirements.

The overhaul facility meets or exceeds FAA/EASA requirements

Ford Instruments and Accessories’ highly trained technicians carefully test and inspect each instrument to ensure every instrument delivered meets FAA/EASA requirements and standards. Ford Instruments and Accessories certified overhaul facility has highly trained technicians whose knowledge of troubleshooting equipment enables them to provide quality repairs and overhauls. A full line of instruments and accessories for general and commercial aviation is repaired to the highest standard; that's why we have unheard of 2yr 1500hr warranty on all overhauls.

Click on the web page tab to access our "Certificates & Documents" and "Capabilities“. If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer, please contact sales representative Brad Ford... [email protected]. We will work with you to ensure our overhaul meets your requirements and specifications.

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